This March I took a writing workshop with Maia Williams. She calls it “The Wild Muse – Show Up and Write!” Here’s a link with more info.

Each session Maia would offer what they call writer’s prompt, where she tosses out the seed for an idea and we see where it takes us in fifteen minutes. Here’s a demonstration:

Prompt: “write a letter to Change”

Dear Change,

You’re a laugh riot, you know that? A real clown. Just when I think you’re on one track – boom – there you are on a parallel course going in the exact opposite direction, six, no three, no forty stories up.

Here you are with your square bent photos from the era of Flower Power changing them out of the album with cgi animations of Donald Trump’s hairdo in flying on its own through a neon outer space.

Just when I think you’re cool with the misty mornings of the bluegrass you focus on a rocky cactus landscape with cows ambling hither and thither eeking out their livings on spent dry reeds.

There you go assembling a great group of horsey red wine guzzlers and switch them out for an amorphous cloud of brilliant creatives already up to their ears in invites. “Go ahead, make a new tribe!”, you enthuse, forgetting that finding best friends at this age is a lengthy process that involves a complicated interviewing process.

So, ok, the one constant in life is you. And the one thing you can truly count on is you can never step into the same river twice or whatever. I get all that, but do you have to pair everything with this insidious weight gain, depletion of physical ability and, um, forgetfulness?

–M. McGinnis