Every day

Month in
Month out
(until we don’t)

we get another chance

Sun days
Moon days
Mars days
Rain days, days of joy, tax day, birth day

to be whomever it is we opt to be.

These equinoxes
Those solstices

Each day offers its own brand of awakening

lather, rinse, repeat or
get up, get out, get on with it!

We have learning days
laundry days
work days
play days
adventure days
noodle days
doodle days
and I know what you’re thinking, yes, poodle days too.

Grateful days
Days of longing
Intense days
and days we sleep in tents

There are days where
Upon reflection, objects in mirrors are definitely closer than you thought they were……

Good morning
Good Day
Good Evening
Good Night

Wake Up! Let’s party! Let’s feast!
Use this day ——— Choose it!

Go ahead, sparkle!
Do it right, release!

Think it through carefully ——— that’s enough!

Every day different.
No two the same.
String them together
create a colorful trajectory.

Use the momentum of your personal space-time continuum
to sling you out of your bed’s daily gravitational pull.

Be the comet in the sky that is your Day
——— a star in the universe that is this Life.

–M.Mcginnis – March 2016


(Inspired by Lena Bartula’s current show at the Belles Artes Main Gallery in San Miguel entitled “Hilos | Threads” )