What Is This Site?

Welcome to the new home for emerging and established creatives of all genres in and about San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

This site is in BETA form. We’re still working out the bugs and setting things up.

Feel free to be among the first to add your ideas to our posts. They are organized by comprehensive categories so your additions will be easy to find. Our Submit form makes it easy for you to share your creative output if it can be described with text, photos and links to your own web pages.

Who is this site for?

  • People wishing to be seen as part of the Creative Community of San Miguel including:
  • Visual¬†Artists, Musicians, Designers, Architects, Mariachis, Crafters, Folk Artists, Writers, Poets, Lyricists, Ballerinas, Stand Up Comics, Cartoonists, Children’s Book Writers, Doodlers, Paint Splatterers, and anyone else who does something creative and lives here or visits here, or wants to visit here or has visited here.
  • Mexicans, Expats, Tourists and Dreamers.
  • Professionals in any creative field, amateurs, students, seasoned pros, experimenters, teachers……
  • Creatives well established in their careers, beginners, dabblers, those who have retired but want to stay connected with the art community here.

What should you submit?

Sumit here.

  1. Finished work
  2. Work in Progress
  3. Links to your site, social media, events…..
  4. Collaborations
  5. Classes & Workshops
  6. Opportunities
  7. Work you’ve seen and wish to talk about
  8. Pages from your notes and sketchbooks
  9. Doodles
  10. Schematics
  11. Finished thoughts
  12. Recipes
  13. Samples
  14. Photos
  15. Videos (youtube links work best)
  16. Anything YOU consider a great idea, a creative project or concepts and Etc…….

Who Runs this site?

Site Owner and facilitator, Marti McGinnis. Hair by Angel Rosales

This site is run by artist and writer, Marti McGinnis. She began it as a means to collect in one online location some of the wealth of creative output in and around San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. She runs it completely on her own peso. This is a from-the-heart project.

Check out the Mission Statement for this project here.

Call forsubmissions