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Our Mission is to give a place for Creative Endeavors of every kind, shape, ability and focus to actively demonstrate all the Creative Energy in and around San Miguel that may not be professionally represented in galleries, fancy websites or bookstores. Read more on our Mission page here.


  • Artist or creative lives in or near San Miguel de Allende at least part of the year
  • Artist was inspired by San Miguel for at least part of this work

Submissions may be made in English or Spanish. You may provide your own translation if desired.

Types of Creative Output allowed: visual, oral, auditory or written art of any kind, including, but not limited to: artists, chefs, photographers, professionals, students, children, hipsters, oldsters, musicians, experimenters, videographers, mavens, connectors and others who feel what they’re producing adds to the Creative Energy that surrounds San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Basic Rules

  • makes absolutely NO CLAIM on the rights of any text or photos submitted.
  • We assume YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS to submit the text and the images you are submitting.

What does this mean?

  • The words are your words (it’s your poem, your essay, your story, your lyrics, your notes, etc).
  • The art is your art or the photos of the art belong to you.
  • The art is in the public domain.
  • The event in which you photographed the work was a public event.

If you change your mind about submitting something, contact us. Include:

  1. the URL of the page the information is that you would like to remove
  2. mention who submitted it and when so we can be sure it’s you
  3. We will remove it as soon as we can

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