SMA Info Resources

An ever growing list of connection points for creatives of all disciplines.

San Miguel Magazines and News Sites

AtencionSMA’s expat newspaper, in print and online

Lokkal San Miguel An online resource and email newsletter that highlights local happenings with an eye towards the arts

San Miguel Art Magazine – an electronic magazine that focuses on art in SMA

San Miguel Events – An online listing of daily and upcoming events

San Miguel Magazine – an online magazine featuring arts events, openings and categorized local listings (restaurants, bars, classes, tours, etc)

San Miguel Times – an online newspaper in English that features many current and upcoming happenings and events as well as local news.

San Miguel Forums +

Civil List San Miguel – A Yahoo Group designed to let residents of SMA post any and everything. Politics and complaints crop up regularly but so do workshops, items for sale and other potentially interesting bits. You have to be an approved member with proof of residency to join. They have a Facebook presence as well.

San Miguel Buy, Sell, Trade – a Facebook page where people sell stuff. sometimes art supplies, and what-not.


Events +

San Miguel Events – an online listing of typical celebrations and events month by month

Discover SMA – a listing of current happenings

Art Galleries – a listing of art galleries in and around SMA


Cupcakes & Crablegs – a blog that focuses on the food offerings of San Miguel de Allende

Don Day in SMA – a man eating and drinking his way through San Miguel