I am Mariosa

ARM CUFF embraces the idea of upcycling.They are made from recycled wool coats, unusual fabric scraps, reclaimed old jewelry milagros and treasure trinkets, backed with old baby blankets or flannel pajamas. They blend Radically Expressive iconology for the Radically Expressive individual. The ARM CUFF community is about these people.
I love to highlight their uniqueness and what they are doing by featuring them on my Facebook page ARM CUFF https://www.facebook.com/ARM-CUFF-547355282073938/?fref=ts and also tweeting their projects. I believe in Radical Expression!!
My Facebook page is fun and I post almost daily about a Radically Expressive individual. The page is ARM CUFF1479456_734523203357144_4795095397528777881_n. I’d love for you to join it. My Website is http://www.mexicaniart.weebly.comĀ 
I also tweet as @mexicaniart